La Tamborada II Student Center

La Tamborada II Student Center
La Tamborada, Bolivia

Pastor Mario Martinez Carreño is changing La Tamborada  as he serves the children in Jesus’ name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the U.S

  • Compassion-sponsored children receive regular health screenings and educational assistance.

  • Field trips, sports, nutritious food, and special celebrations are among the various activities facilitated for these children.

  • The center staff will also provide family discipleship for parents or guardians. .

I'd like to learn more about BO-591:

  • The plains of La Tamborada are home to 4,178 people.

  •  Most adults work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of $74 per month.

  • Problems this community faces: family disintegration, child abuse, alcoholism, lack of clean water and sanitation systems.

  • Health concerns: malnutrition, respiratory diseases, stomach infections. 

  • Iglesia Evangelica La Tamborada has partnered with Compassion for 6 years.

  • In 1977, the church began as a small group gathering together to praise God and learn His word. Since then, they have grown to a congregation of 170-200.

  • They are excited about the growing impact their Compassion Child Development Center is having on their community.

  • Bible teaching and evangelism for children and parents are shining a light of hope in this community.

  • In a community where only 50% of children complete elementary school, this Compassion center provides academic support and encouragement to many children.

*Consider using this profile as a tool to begin a discussion with your leadership to see how it may fit with your church's vision and mission. While we cannot guarantee you will be partnered specifically with this Pastor, we are seeking participants for our Church to Church strategy.