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Shaun Groves and Yanci
"By making sure children have enough, they are less vulnerable to the darkness and desperation that surrounds them."
- Shaun Groves

I remember when it happened. I was performing in the Netherlands with Michael W. Smith in front of 36,000 people. I should have felt exhilarated. Fulfilled. I was successful according to the music industry. I had reached the peak! Yet I knew something was missing, and I began to wrestle with a thought:  could there be more?

Shortly afterward, an artist relations manager from Compassion invited me on a trip. Because I was sponsoring a child through Compassion, I knew their ministry aligned with my music. I decided that if God had bigger plans for me, I should open myself up to this opportunity. I said “yes” to El Salvador.

That trip became a turning point in my life.

I saw faces without hope. I saw little bodies without food. I saw earthly poverty unlike anything I had witnessed before. But here’s the irony:  this trip cast light on MY poverty. I was suffering from a poverty of purpose.

As a follower of Jesus, I’ve always known what He has saved me from. But in El Salvador I discovered what faith in Christ has saved me for.

I now have a purpose. I am committed to bringing hope to hopeless places. I have added a horizontal trajectory to my vertical ministry. But beyond the dimension it has given my life’s work, it has radically transformed my little girl’s life in El Salvador.

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