Nicaragua Poverty

Nicaragua Poverty.
Project: Wet Cement 
Helping Children at the Dios con Nosotros Student Center in Nicaragua
Nicaragua Poverty
Jinotepe, Nicaragua

The Dios con Nosotros Student Center is a true voice of hope to 233 Compassion-registered children in the impoverished neighborhoods of Jinotepe, Nicaragua.

Poverty relentlessly proclaims to a child’s heart that “you are worthless, you won’t amount to anything.” The sponsorships and letters of encouragement from Heartland Community Church members to these children are helping to break that cycle. Yet the hands-on work is happening at the center where there is abundant laughter, smiles and singing.

Dios con Nosotros Student Center is run by a local church, Iglesia Centro Cristiano Emanuel, and is a fun environment where children find love, encouragement, a daily hot meal, additional education (beyond the half day in public school), health checkups and treatment, and the good news of Jesus’ love for them and their families.

The public school is a short walk down the road and more students could be reached if the center just had more classrooms to accommodate them.

With your help, two more classrooms can be built at this center with concrete blocks, mortar, rebar and yes...wet cement.

Read the details in the tabs below and then join this very worthwhile endeavor.

You can help.

A healthy, comfortable learning environment goes a long way toward developing a child physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.

The children of poor families in Jinotepe, Nicaragua have little to help them develop. The community has no libraries, and the students only attend school for half days because there are more children than there is classroom space.

The Dios con Nosotros Student Center has a plan to enhance the cognitive development of the children they serve by building two new classrooms. The classrooms will accommodate 127 children at various times during the day and will provide a less crowded, cleaner and quieter atmosphere and the ability to separate groups into age-appropriate classes.

The new classrooms will achieve a higher attendance of children at tutoring sessions and an improvement in their academic performance.

Pending funding of the project, construction will begin May and should be completed December.

The full need is $8,472. Please prayerfully consider how you can support this worthwhile intervention, and help the children of Dios con Nosotros Student Center break the cycle of poverty.

"Our family witnessed first-hand the imprint of Jesus through the work of Compassion in June 2012 when we visited Marcelia Mabeth Lopez Cerda, the child we sponsor in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. "Marcelia is a cute, vivacious 8-year-old with an infectious smile and a giving heart. For a couple of years now we have exchanged letters with her and admired her drawings. But nothing quite prepares you for the impact of looking into those coffee-brown eyes and having her little hand take yours as she leads you into her world. "Her world in Nicaragua is one impacted by poverty. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in our hemisphere. In the public schools, students can attend for only half a day because there are twice as many students as there are classrooms. Marcelia’s home is just a small one-room shed pieced together out of scrap metal sheets and surrounded by dirt. "With your help, we can enhance the academic reinforcement Marcelia and her schoolmates receive at the Dios con Nosotros Student Center, and help them break free from the cycle of poverty in their lives."

Philip & Glenda Gangler

The Dios con Nosotros Student Center is located in Jinotepe on the plains of Nicaragua close to the Pacific coast. The community is home to approximately 100,000 residents.

Typical houses are constructed of cement floors, brick walls and tin roofs. The regional diet consists of maize, beans, chicken, bread, plantains, rice and potatoes. Most adults in Jinotepe are unemployed but some work in factories and earn the equivalent of U.S.$96 per month.

Common health problems in this area include:

  • respiratory diseases
  • diarrhea
  • stomach infections
  • skin diseases

This community has drinking water and electricity but needs employment opportunities and libraries. Thanks to the support of caring sponsors, the staff of Dios con Nosotros Student Center provides registered children with Bibles, medical checkups, sports activities, nutritious food, health and hygiene education, self-esteem education, school supplies and academic reinforcement.


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