Fitche Evangelical Mekane Yesus Child Survival Program

When does sponsorship begin?

Sponsorship begins when the first payment is processed at Compassion.

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What do I do with the sign-up forms and payments?

Place the completed forms and payments in the envelope with the pre-paid FedEx Ground label (enclosed with your event materials). Complete the address label and drop off the envelope at any FedEx Ground location immediately after your event. Or, visit to arrange a pick-up.

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What do I do with leftover CSP packets?

Please do not send them back. The cost of postage to return them is more than it is to reprint new packets. Also, packets get tattered when they go through the mail more than once.

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What should I do with the display materials after the event?

Please do not send it back. Keep it for future use or discard.

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If someone pays by credit or debit card but does not choose to have monthly recurring payments, what will prompt their payments?

They will receive a monthly statement from Compassion.

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Where is the CSP packet due date, any why is it important?

The due date for the form is located on the top line of the form. Be aware and do not circulate CSP packets after that date. A potential donor can always call (800) 336-7676 to make the first payment before the form expires and bypass the mail-back protocol.

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How much is a monthly Child Survival Program sponsorship?


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How will my monthly sponsorship be used?

Benefits for mothers and babies include regular home visits and group activities. Church-based CSP specialists provide prenatal care, nutritious food and supplements, ongoing health care and vaccinations, infant survival training, education, encouragement, spiritual nurturing and income-generation opportunities.

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Where are Compassion’s Child Survival Programs?

The Child Survival Program provides safe, nurturing havens for mothers and their babies in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkino Faso, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Uganda. In 2014 we will open programs in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

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How much of my monthly contribution goes to the mother and child?

At Compassion, we are committed to using your sponsorship money wisely. That’s why at least 80 percent of all our expenditures are used on programs that transform the lives of the poorest children.

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Where can I get more information about the specific CSP project I am supporting?

You will receive a letter from the pastor of the church who hosts the CSP project. You will also receive a letter from a mom attending the project. Compassion will send you a yearly update.

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Where can I get answers about Compassion’s financial integrity?

Financial integrity information is sent with the CSP packets. Contact us if you would like a copy of our complete audited financial statement for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. You may call us at (888) 503-4585 or visit our website at

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top-red-line Child Survival
Program at a Glance

By inviting your church family to support a CSP, you’re allowing these mothers to give their children a fighting chance for healthy development. A commitment of $20/month provides the following:

  • Prenatal care
  • Nutritious food and supplements
  • Ongoing health care
  • Infant survival training for mothers
  • Spiritual guidance and education
  • The loving support of a local church
  • Income generating training & activities