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Troy United Methodist Church.

Compassion Water of Life: A Leader’s Perspective
Andy and Danette McKellar set up a Compassion Water of Life safe water system and used it to provide a hands-on activity for the youth in their church. Students watched as dirty lake water was transformed into safe water right before their eyes.

Kids were then challenged to taste the water. “We made little ‘I drank it!’ stickers for anyone who was brave enough to try the filtered water from the lake behind our house,” said Dannette, adding that most preferred the filtered lake water over tap water. “I was amazed at how excited the kids got about those homemade stickers.”

In addition to raising funds for safe water within their church, several youth and individuals took donation forms to share the need beyond their church’s walls. One student, Tia Carr, came up with a simple yet highly effective idea to raise money for Compassion’s Water of Life at her school. With permission from the dean and staff, Tia stuck photos of the teachers on buckets. The teacher with the most money in their bucket had to then dress up in a bunny costume for a day. By Easter, Tia had raised $485!

“This was a great cause that was easy for youth to get their hands around,” said Dannette. “The cost was small enough that many people felt able to contribute, yet large enough that a bunch of people could pitch in together to make a difference.”

The results were impressive! The church youth group raised enough money to purchase 33 Compassion Water of Life safe water systems, which will provide more than 33 million gallons of safe water for Haiti.


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