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Malaria: A Leader's Perspective
“Two big areas of passion for me are children and missions, so it came as no surprise when the leadership at Southview Community Church asked me to be in charge of the ‘Mission’s Moment’ for our kid’s camp,” said Kerowyn.

“We decided since our theme was camping, we would highlight the Bite Back campaign as our international missions project. We usually manage to raise hundreds of dollars through our kid’s camp efforts, so I told the kids our goal was to have enough money to purchase 50 bed nets.”

“From the very first day it was completely evident that God was at work in the children’s hearts,” Kerowyn said, “Each day I spent 15 minutes telling my elementary students about the Bite Back effort. You could see it in their eyes and hear it in their questions; they were truly touched by this simple need! They all could relate to how easy it is to be bitten by a mosquito. And the concept of an insecticide-treated bed net was something they could wrap their minds around. Parents told me stories of the kids going home and doing chore after chore to earn a few dollars to donate. There were even children who had been saving money for something they wanted, but then chose to pour out their entire piggy banks to buy malaria nets.”

“By the end of the week the kids raised enough money to donate 100 nets. That was twice our initial goal! When I saw the kids on Sunday or out and about during the week, they would eagerly ask if the nets they bought had been given to the children yet,” said Kerowyn. “God used the Bite Back campaign to mold these children’s hearts to be like his. And the cool thing is, God also used these children’s molded hearts to reach other children in need. I praise God for the Bite Back campaign and for the opportunity to reach so many precious children, both at home and overseas!”


Kerowyn Brewer




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