Poverty in South America

Serving South America


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Of the 370 million people who live in South America, 64% of the poor live in urban areas. A lack of social services, low number of jobs that provide a livable wage, steep school drop-out rates and income inequality are all challenges that contribute to the poverty level and social vulnerability of South Americans.


If you'd like to talk about ministry options that are focused within a specific country, please email our church team or contact us at 866-607-5162.


The greatest gift for a child in poverty is hope. Your church can fill children up with love, encouragement and hope in Jesus.


Equip indigenous churches to provide physical, educational and spiritual care for poor babies and moms in their communities.


Your church can help support and mentor future Christian leaders who have a passion to serve their communities for Christ.


Be an agent of justice to defend the rights of the poor and needy. See how your church can live out Proverbs 31:8-9.


Your church can take malaria out of the equation so children in poverty may grow and develop into healthy, productive adults.*


While children wait for sponsorship, your church can ensure they receive essentials and stay connected to their local church.*

* We implement this ministry in South America, but care is delivered to the area of greatest need worldwide.