Poverty in Africa

Serving Africa


How does your church want to impact Africa? Select a cause below.


More than 900 million people reside in Africa, where HIV/AIDS, famine, drought, cholera, malaria and ongoing conflicts contribute to poverty. In many sub-Saharan states, more than 40% of the population is below 15 years old. In other African countries, the infant mortality rate is about ten times greater than that of the U.S.


If you'd like to talk about ministry options that are focused within a specific country, please email our church team or contact us at 866-607-5162.

Help vulnerable children living in poverty.

God is a God of justice. Your church can serve Him by helping indigenous churches protect the rights of their local children.

Give children in poverty clean water.

Children can’t escape the cycle of poverty when they are fighting water-borne illnesses. Your church can transform lives through clean water.*

Your church can help release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

By loving and discipling specific children in poverty through sponsorship, your church can help them pursue their God-given talents and dreams.

Help babies beat the odds of poverty and not only survive but thrive.

Help the world’s most vulnerable babies and mothers receive needed physical and spiritual care through churches in their own communities.

Help develop leaders living in poverty.

Invest in the education and Christian development of strong student leaders so they may impact their communities for Christ.

Help children in poverty fight malaria.

Malaria kills more people in Africa than HIV/AIDS. Your church can restore health and hope for families in Jesus’ name.*

Help children in poverty today.

Your church can provide a safety net so unsponsored children receive the same care and benefits as their sponsored friends.*

*We implement this ministry in Africa, but care is delivered to the area of greatest need worldwide.