Kurt Birky

Kurt Birky

Topics: Child Advocacy, Christian Ministry, Church Engagement, Compassion's Ministry

kurt birky

Kurt Birky currently serves as the Global Brand Director for Compassion International, where his passion for storytelling and branding help him steward Compassion’s reputation around the globe. Prior to that, he served as the Creative Director of Compassion’s in-house advertising agency Creative Blue.

Kurt came to Compassion from Focus on the Family, where he oversaw their award-winning creative team. Kurt also served on their Orphan Care Initiative, a task force created to develop Focus on the Family’s efforts to engage in the cause of orphans.

Prior to that, Kurt spent nearly a decade with Universal Studios where he worked as the Graphic Design Manager for the Hollywood Recreation Group. He holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, with a graphic design concentration, from Colorado State University, and he has attended film school in Los Angeles.

Passionate about adoption and caring for “the least of these,” Kurt and his wife, Margaret, have six children, three of whom are through adoption (international and domestic). Their adoption story was the focus of a short film “The Gift of Home.”

Kurt serves as an advisor for his church’s ministry of global and domestic service projects, and he has contributed to a book about adoption and recently completed his first novel. 

Effective Mission To Combat Poverty — Four Critical Questions

What if the key to effective development and poverty relief was based on simple, time-tested biblical guidance? It all starts by grappling with four critical questions:

  1. Why focus on wholeness for children?
  2. Why work through the Church?
  3. Why minister in Jesus’ name?
  4. Why (and how do we) measure effectiveness?

During this talk, Kurt zeroes in on how poverty’s root causes can be addressed through holistic programs for babies, children, youth and students. Through wrestling with relevant literature and real-life case studies — including your own — you will begin to identify and question current beliefs about overcoming poverty to create new, personally forged queries to guide future engagement. 

Through A Father’s Eyes: Keeping Orphans Closer To Home

The day that Kurt met Alemayehu, a recent widower and father of six, he also met the heart of God toward His vulnerable children.

Alemayehu had made a heart-wrenching decision that no father should have to make — the decision to give his two youngest children to be adopted simply because he had no way to care for them. But was there another way?

Kurt is the father of six children, three of whom are adopted, and has been a spokesperson for adoptive and foster families, saying, “It is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, but adoption may not always be the best way.”

Kurt’s life — and perspective as a leader in a global organization that partners with local churches to keep vulnerable children closer to home — paints a portrait of the global orphan challenge, how adoption plays a vital part, and ways that we, through the local church, can enter into the mosaic of solutions.

As you attend this talk, you will find practical ways to encourage families here and abroad to help more loving parents like Alemayehu keep their children close. 

Why Minister in Jesus' Name?

Ultimately, Kurt’s question is “why should Jesus be at the heart of relief and development strategies?” He explores topics such as the correlation between release from eternal oppression and temporal injustice, pressures on relief organizations to hide their Christian identity, and honoring Christ while working in diverse religious contexts.

Through a biblical worldview and the current relief and development market analysis, Kurt brings clarity to the premise that we must minister in Jesus’ name.