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Church Engagement A Cross-Cultural Perspective

No need to come up with new ideas to engage your congregants in the Great Commission. The Compassion Experience is a FREE, innovative ministry tool for you to use.

Encourage each family in your church to be engaged in missions so they can grow to be the kind of disciples that Jesus commissions us to be: people who don't just talk about their faith—but put it into practice.

Watch the video below to see what the Compassion Experience can do for your congregants.

Our FREE multi-sensory Compassion Experience is a 20-minute journey in the developing world—from your church’s parking lot. Step into the true story of a child growing up in poverty, and witness the transition from despair to hope.

Compassion helps promote the Experience in your surrounding community to bring people onto your campus. For some, it may be their first time at a church.

Use this unique experience to enrich your church’s strategy for spiritual growth of congregants.

Bring the Compassion Experience to your church to:

  • Raise local awareness of global issues through an immersive experience
  • Connect each congregant to the developing world in the context of missions without traveling internationally
  • Present an opportunity to follow Christ’s example of compassion by using child sponsorship
  • Empower congregants to impact children for Christ—in their own homes and around the world