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Travel to Another World Without Leaving Home

What if your church could see, hear and feel poverty firsthand while gaining an intimate understanding of God's heart for the poor? Most churches can't put everyone on a plane to visit a developing country, but now you can do the next best thing.

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Compassion Experience
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Step into true stories that start in poverty
and end in hope.
A Missions Trip on Wheels

If you've had the chance to travel overseas on a missions trip, you know the impact it has on your heart and your walk with God. But how do you communicate the magnitude of your epiphany from the pulpit?

Bring your church on their own missions trip.

The Compassion Experience is an eye-opening journey that lifts the curtain on the realities of extreme poverty. It allows people to walk a child's path from hardship to hope, giving poverty a face, a name and a story.

It takes less than 20 minutes to walk through, and there is no charge for admission.


"We tell our folks, 'if you can't go on a missions trip, go to the Compassion Experience.'"

Dr. Chris Stephens
Faith Promise Church

"We see this as an important part of our church's disciple-making process."

Pastor Joby Martin
The Church of Eleven22

"It's as if you're on the ground overseas."

Pastor Lee Coate
The Crossing

share-the-experience-guy-headphones Share the Experience

This interactive, immersive display will bring your church as close to another country and culture as possible without a passport.

So who do you want to inspire? The Compassion Experience will unite your church staff, rally your youth group, energize small groups, and challenge every age group within your church family to consider how God could use them for the sake of a child in poverty.

change-the-story-child How do I register?

View the tour schedule to find out where the Compassion Experience is traveling next. If it's coming to a town near you, click on your chosen location and follow the instructions to reserve your spot.

Then use the helpful resources we've created to get your church excited and to encourage them to make their own reservations for this life-changing journey!


Questions? Email our church team or call us at 866-607-5162.