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Unsponsored Children
The Issue

Children in poverty who are newly-registered with Compassion are available for sponsorship right away. Yet it often takes months to pair them with a sponsor. Your church or ministry group can stand in the gap for children in need.

ACT NOW - What Your
Church Can Do Today

Every day a child suffers from lack of physical and
spiritual nourishment is one day too many.
Brian-Tome A Pastor's Perspective

Senior Pastor Brian Tome of Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati decided to conduct a spiritual experiment in his multi-site church: the Beans+Rice Fast. The goal was to raise funds to serve children in need, both locally and internationally. Yet the initiative did more than push carbs for a cause; it yielded more contributions that church staff could have ever imagined. Read More

the-facts-unsponsored-children The Facts

More than 100,000 children in the 26 countries where Compassion works are waiting for a sponsor. Some of these children are newly-registered with Compassion; some had sponsors whose circumstances changed and they needed to cancel their monthly support. The average global wait time for a sponsor is just over 4 months.

the-solution-unsponsored-childrens-fund The Solution

The Unsponsored Children's Fund. It's a vital link for children in poverty, bridging a gap so they can access essentials like healthcare, nutrition, school and Christian teaching — even when they do not have a sponsor of their own.

what-can-my-church-do-unsponsored-fund What Can My Church Do?

Host a fundraiser in support of Compassion's Unsponsored Children's Fund. Children served by this fund do not have the anchor of a sponsor. As they wait for the announcement that they've been sponsored, and weeks turn into months, hope can easily turn into hopelessness. Your ministry groups, small groups or whole church family can ensure these children remain connected to their local church project, receiving the same care and benefits as their sponsored friends during this time.

How Does It Work? 

Compassion is committed to serving all children in poverty who are registered with their local Compassion Child Development Center — even when they do not have a sponsor. Your loving contributions can help sustain this commitment in Jesus' name, providing a critical safety net and peace of mind to children as they wait for their own, personal sponsors.

How Will This Strengthen My Church?

Giving to a group of children who do not know you but are praying for help is a spiritually mature, Christ-like act of compassion. This fund gives people in your church the opportunity to do just that — to invest in something outside of themselves that has immense eternal value. By supporting this fund, your church will be standing alongside local churches around the world, ensuring children continue to receive the life-changing message of hope as promised by Jesus.