Patricia Salas

Topics: Compassion Alumni

Patricia Salas

With her genuine heart for serving others, Patricia Salas thrives in her work in The Salvation Army. Raised in an impoverished community in Ecuador, Patricia’s parents struggled to provide for their family. Everything changed when she was invited to participate in Compassion’s child development program in partnership with a local church. Through the support and care she received by her sponsorship, she found hope, perseverance, and a new way of living.

After graduating high school, Patricia earned a nursing degree before pursuing The Salvation Army pastorship. She currently works as the Women’s Ministries' Administrative Assistant and serves in a variety of ministries at her church.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Patricia is a passionate speaker who enjoys motivating people to Kingdom action. She challenges, inspires, and encourages as she speaks about God’s big plans for our lives, having the determination to make a difference, and living outside our comfort zones.

Patricia and her husband Luke live in Chicago, Illinois.

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