Palmer Chinchen

Topics: Author, Campus Ministry, Evangelism and Discipleship, Global Poverty

Palmer Chinchen

Palmer Chinchen is an author, speaker, pastor...and expatriate. His newest books JUSTICE CALLING: Live Love, Show Compassion, Be Changed and BAREFOOT TRIBE challenge the dispassion of generations past. He is convinced we can do more to stop injustice, end extreme poverty, and show compassion.

Drawing on his years in Africa, Palmer has become a national voice calling for collaboration, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit to change what is not right in this world. He brands millennials as Generation Justice because they have stopped waiting for someone else to make change. He writes and talks about the "compassion nerve" (vagus nerve) and how God has hardwired us for compassion. The heart of his message is, “Give your life away to change this world and God will change you.”

Palmer grew up deep in the Sappo jungle of Liberia, Africa in a bamboo-mat house where the only way in and out was by prop plane. Today he leads The Grove, a Phoenix area gathering of innovative Christ-followers who live on-mission locally and globally.

Palmer regularly speaks on college campuses and at national conferences on issues of justice, sustainability, becoming modern-day abolitionists and social entrepreneurs, spiritual formation, and a Christian response to extreme poverty. Most recently he has spoken to audiences of thousands of college students at Azusa Pacific University, Biola University, Liberty University, Grand Canyon University, Moody, and Cedarville University; and was the keynote speaker on the Hungry for Love Tour with Leeland, Sanctus Real and The Afters. He regularly blogs for the Huffington Post and has written for Relevant Magazine, CatalystSpace, and Reject Apathy.

Palmer holds a PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity in Deerfield, IL and an MA and BA in Intercultural Studies from Biola University.

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