Brock Gill

Brock Gill

Topics: Comedy & Entertainment, Evangelism and Discipleship, Youth and Young Adults

Forget what you know about illusionists: no cheesy tuxedos and no rabbits to pull out of hats here. Brock Gill leads a new generation of edgy and daring illusionists, amazing audiences with his unique stage show, dry wit, and mind-blowing escapes.

He is an evangelist, called to preach the gospel to a dying world, and uses his talents in an absolutely amazing presentation that is entirely unique. God has taken Brock's ministry and passion for reaching people across the United States and into Mexico and Australia, growing his heart for the lost in the process.

Understanding that students in this postmodern generation have short attention spans and a need to be entertained visually, he has learned how to get an audience's attention quickly and keep it.

Brock's message for Christ is clear and effective, and he has seen thousands of lives touched by God through his ministry.

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