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Sponsor a child today and transform despair into hope.

By choosing to sponsor a child, you can change a child's life from one of hardship and loneliness to one of hope and meaning. You have the opportunity to literally bring the love of Christ to a child in need.

Compassion's ministry to children in need is unique.  Our Child Sponsorship Program is:

  • Church Based. Compassion is the only child sponsorship organization that works exclusively with local churches in the developing world.

  • Christ Centered. Our ministry gives every child in our program the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.  Our church partners report that last year alone, more than 132,000 children committed to Christ because of our Child Sponsorship Program.

  • Child Focused. Each child has one sponsor, someone like you, who exchanges letters, photos and prayers and provides necessities like food, health care and educational opportunities.

  • Committed to Integrity. We're dedicated being good stewards of the gifts that are entrusted to us by our faithful donors.  Compassion was founded in 1952.  Currently, more than 824,642 people have chosen to sponsor a child through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry.

Your support of about a dollar a day can change one child's life forever.  When you sponsor a child, you can give a boy or girl in need:

  • Educational opportunities

  • Improved health care

  • Life-skills training

  • Sponsored children will also have the opportunity to follow Jesus Christ in faith and deed as part of their spiritual training.

Sponsoring a child through Compassion allows you to witness a miracle firsthand, following your child's growth as as he or she is nurtured to health, educated and exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At Compassion, we say that nurturing a child, connecting that child to a local church and having someone like you in a child's life is the most strategic way to make a difference in the life of a child in need.

Each child deserves the hope of Jesus Christ.  Will you give one child that blessing?  Will you sponsor a child?

Give a child hope for the future and for all eternity. Sponsor a child today! 

Older children are often overlooked and forgotten. They are at an age when they desperately need someone to believe in them. Please give hope to an older child today


Please call us at (800) 336-7676, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MT to speak with a Compassion Representative.

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Start Sponsoring a Child Today!

When you sponsor a child in need, you transform a child's life — and you make an eternal difference. Compassion partners exclusively with local churches in developing countries to ensure that each sponsored child learns about the love of Jesus Christ. At your child's development center, he or she also receives:

  • medical checkups, which often save lives
  • health and hygiene training
  • nutritious food and safe water
  • educational assistance, including job-skills training
  • access to special services, like surgeries and diaster relief when needed
  • mentoring, which helps children develop and discover their incredible value as a child of God

Your tax-deductible contribution of $38 a month will change your child's life — and it will change your life, too!

When you sponsor a child, you'll receive your child's photo and personal story by mail in about two weeks. Children feel incredible hope and joy when they find out they have been sponsored. Knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine!