Join us in sponsoring children in San Marcos, Guatemala

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Why Sponsor a Child in Guatemala?


Join us in sponsoring children in San Marcos, Guatemala

We'd Love Your Help!

With your help, we can make sure every child at the Amiguitos del Rey and Corona de Gloria Child Development Centers have a loving sponsor. These precious children are already receiving medical, nutrition, education and spiritual assistance at their centers, but unlike the other children they lack a sponsor. They eagerly await the day they receive their first letter, and we hope that letter comes from you!

Amiguitos del Rey Child Development Center

Center ID: GU0893
Start Date: August 2004
Beneficiaries: 267
Community Name: San Marcos

Corona de Gloria Child Development Center

Center ID: GU0440
Start Date: July 2010
Beneficiaries: 342
Community Name: Aldea Champollap, San Marcos

Sponsor a Child from Guatemala

Our Child Sponsorship Program Works!

Compassion Supported Children

  • Spend an average of 4,000 hours in safe, nurturing programs
  • Are 27-40% more likely to finish secondary education
  • Stay in school 1-1.5 years longer than unsponsored peers
  • Are 50-80% more likely to graduate college
  • Are 14-18% more likely to have salaried employment in their adult years
  • Are 30-75% more likely to become leaders in their communities
  • Are 35% more likely to find white-collar employment as adults
  • Are 40-70% more likely to grow into church leaders

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Where Do These Numbers Come From?

In 2008, Dr.Bruce Wydick, Professor of Economics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco set out to determine the impact of international child sponsorship.

Dr. Wydick’s study focused on 1,860 formerly sponsored children from 16 Compassion development centers. These once sponsored children were compared against 3,704 of their unsponsored siblings. To ensure the data was unbiased, his team also studied the lives of 2,136 non-supported families in the communities of these development centers and 2,444 individuals from nearby villages where Compassion support was unavailable at the time of research.

By the end of the study, data was collected on more than 10,000 individuals in six developing countries. 207 international sponsorship programs exist today. Compassion® was the only organization to provide information to Dr. Wydick.

We Help Children Flourish!

Through a relationship with a local church and a caring sponsor, a child is able to discover his or her true value.

For $38/month, a sponsored child receives:

  • Love that unlocks the potential within their heart
  • Education to defeat illiteracy and provide critical skills
  • Supplements to protect against malnutrition
  • Health care to fight back against disease and sickness
  • Christ-centered spiritual guidance through a local church
  • Recreational activities that protect from crime, violence and danger
  • The Gospel message to overcome fear and hopelessness
  • Today, more than 2 million babies, children and young adults benefit from our holistic model!
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