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Awareness Days
Poverty is overwhelming, but the more we know the more we can affect real change. Take a day a month to learn about the key issues facing children in poverty.
Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January 11

Modern slavery is especially brutal for children in poverty — children become soldiers, young women are forced into prostitution, and migrant workers are exploited in the workforce.

World Day of Social Justice

February 20

Children in dire situations are at risk of their rights being violated. This can include child prostitution, child trafficking, abuse, neglect, harmful child labor, and early marriages.

World Water Day

March 22

Water is the most basic need for survival and critical to sustaining life. Yet approximately 425 million children under 18 do not have access to safe water sources.

Street Children Awareness Day

April 12

The term "street children" usually refers to children who live and work on the streets or in public places such as markets. Many of these precious children find themselves in this situation as the result of poverty, war, abuse or other family issues.

World Malaria Day

April 25

Malaria is an illness that is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Even though Malaria is preventable and curable, it is responsible for almost half a million deaths annually.

International Day of Families

May 15

A healthy family is crucial to attaining successful outcomes for children in poverty. If a child grows up in a safe and nurturing home, they are much more likely to become thriving adults.

World Day Against Child Labor

June 12

Children living in poverty are especially vulnerable to forced labor because they don’t often have a voice or a platform. An estimated168 million children are trapped in child labor.

International Day of Friendship

July 30

For children in poverty, friendship has special meaning, as friends can be a crucial source of strength, support and social development.

International Youth Day

August 12

We often talk about children being the future. But for teens, the future is now. Youths have the potential to be leaders in their families and communities and to be agents of change.

International Literacy Day

September 8

Education is one of the key tools to provide a child with a path out of poverty. Educating girls and women, in particular, has truly transformative power. 

World Food Day

October 16

The effects of hunger and malnutrition are far-reaching. Hungry people have learning difficulties, are less productive at work, are sick more often and live shorter lives.

World Toilet Day

November 19

Around the world, 2.4 billion people have no access to improved sanitation – a situation that leads to increased risk of disease and malnutrition, especially for women and children.

World AIDS Day

December 1

Even though there have been tremendous strides in the fight against AIDS, an estimated 37 million people still live with this disease. There is still a lot of work to be done.