Thank You for Your Gift of Bicycles

Walking to school should be a fun, safe part of every child’s day. It should be a time to release energy and prepare for a day of classes. Sadly, that’s not the reality for many children in poverty. In Sri Lanka, children often walk over a mile to get to school. Many roads are abandoned, making it unsafe for children to walk alone — especially girls. But thanks to generous friends like you, 200 children in Sri Lanka received bicycles that will keep them safe while traveling to and from school and their local Compassion center. The bicycles will make the children’s commute faster and cheaper, increase school attendance, promote the importance of exercise and create a fun, bonding experience for children and their friends. Bicycles also encourage independence because they allow children to travel without the help of older siblings, parents or grandparents. “Before I got a bike, I went to church by foot. I used to walk to the market by foot. This made it impossible to do things quickly,” says 11-year-old Wedawanam. “Now I can do many things fast as traveling from one place to the other is quite easy and exciting to do.”

Because of Your Generosity

Watch how children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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