What It Means To
Act for Compassion

Act for Compassion was created just for you. It’s an online resource that helps you use your voice to change the lives of children in poverty around the world - to give them educational opportunity, nutrition and health care, loving personal relationships, an understanding of Jesus’ love for them, and a future they’ve never known before.

To Act for Compassion means to join thousands of passionate people who, like you, have a true heart for children and want to share it with everyone they know. To Act for Compassion means to make the simple choice of putting your love into action. There are 3 ways to do it:

1. Start a fundraiser

You can raise money for the children in the world who need it most, in all kinds of fun and easy ways! Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts this year. Host a bake-off or a running challenge for your friends. Throw a party with a “suggested donation” cover charge. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, turn that into a life-giving activity!

2. Start a sponsorship campaign

Challenge friends and family to join you in sponsoring a child of their own! You can focus your campaign on a specific country, child name, birthday, and more - it’s easy to get creative and help the children you care most deeply for!

3. Discover volunteer opportunities

You can invest your time and talents in so many ways that change children’s lives forever - whether it’s volunteering at one of thousands of concerts and events across the country, giving your time to serve at Compassion’s headquarters, or playing a volunteer leadership role that uses your skills and interests.

Act for Compassion gives you tools, tips, new opportunities for involvement, and a community of other people with passion just like yours. And since members of the Compassion family created this online resource themselves, there are no third parties taking their cut - 100% of the impact you make goes directly to Compassion International.

When you Act for Compassion, you are joining thousands of voices to change millions of lives. You are playing a critical part in answering Jesus’ call to care for those who cannot care for themselves. You are giving others a life and a future that wouldn’t be possible without your love and action.

So what’s your next act?