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Explore our library of webinars, designed to equip and empower child advocates like YOU in your ministry alongside Compassion.

Discover tools and tips for using YOUR voice to release children from poverty:


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Learn to set and achieve goals that will help you release MORE children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Resources at Your

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Equip yourself with these FREE, awesome tools that will help you make major impact as a child advocate!

Get Social Media

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Ready to take your child advocacy to the next level? Hear from Compassion’s social media team and others like you!

Bring Compassion
Into Your Summer

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Discover how to maximize YOUR voice for children in poverty this summer … wherever it takes you!

Big Updates from Your
Act for Compassion Team!

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We’ve got exciting updates and new resources … all designed to equip, inspire and empower you!

How to Share Your
Compassion Story

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Learn tips to share YOUR Compassion story with the people in your life … in 5 minutes or less!

Get Compassion
Sunday Confident

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Here’s your pre-event confidence boost! Learn essential tips to share sponsorship with your church like a pro.

Your Pastor &
Compassion Sunday

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To make your event a success, you need your pastor’s support. Hear about it from the pros!

If you have questions or are looking for another type of resource, reach out to your Act for Compassion team at