Volunteers are Vital to Compassion

Volunteer Leadership Roles at Compassion

Do you feel called to invest more of yourself into changing the lives of children in poverty? Check out the opportunities on this page, and see if serving in one of these roles would fit your strengths and interests. These roles are critical to a non-profit like Compassion and make it possible to better help children in poverty around the world.

What makes a Volunteer Leadership role unique? A few things:

  • These roles may involve a term commitment of 6 months to 2 years.*
  • Leaders must be committed to following Jesus Christ, and actively engaged with His Church - e.g., be participating in a local body, discipleship, devotion and other activities that are growing them in their faith journey. (Sign-off on Statement of Faith required)
  • Leaders serve closely with a manager, who engages, equips and enriches them as they serve.
  • Leaders receive more regular information and communications.
  • Leaders serving in these roles may be outfitted with the necessary tools to fulfill duties or tasks directly related to the role.
  • Many of these roles are nationally based, and some may require travel at times.**
  • These roles may require professional level skill sets (training is provided for all roles).
  • Depending on term commitments and the functional complexities of each role - Volunteer Leadership may be asked to participate in national, regional, or local training events. Generally, roles with term commitments of 1 year or longer are required to participate.***

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Releasing children from poverty is a team effort. It takes thousands of faithful people, responding to many specific callings, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Come play a deeper role in impacting kids in poverty around the world.

Current Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

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Role Snapshot Desired Term Commitment Open for Applications? Area Based?

*A “term" or "time period" commitment can be abandoned or terminated at any time, and for any reason, by Compassion Staff or the serving volunteer. Term or Time Period Commitments are solely used to help promote a healthy stewardship of the invested time and resources related to this type of volunteer management.

**Any potential travel is deemed necessary - solely for the purpose of equipping volunteers live at certain training events, or for sending Volunteer Leadership physically to perform duties at a non-local location within the USA – for example: Festivals, Concerts, Conferences, Seminars, Radio Marathons, College Chapels, or other similar assignments."

***Travel and other costs may be covered by Compassion for training events that are considered required for certain roles. Attendance or participation in training events, although they may be communicated as required at times, are still considered optional at the discretion of the volunteer or Volunteer Management. These training events are not considered compensation, but rather investments for successful service of our Volunteer Leadership.