Tips and Tricks

7 Secrets To Making Your Online Campaign A Success


The most important thing you can add to your campaign page is why you’re acting. Let your family and friends know why this matters to you; that’s what they care about most!


It’s always a good idea to get your fundraising off to a good start by making the first contribution. If you are creating a sponsorship campaign, use your page to share your own story about the child or children you sponsor. This will make others more likely to get involved.


Start by emailing your close contacts because they are the most likely to donate or sponsor a child. We’ve provided sample email templates you can easily customize and send to your inner circle to build momentum – then widen your outreach as the campaign goes on.


Once you’ve sent your first batch of emails, it’s time to turn to social media. One of the best strategies to use on both Facebook and Twitter is tagging and thanking people who have already donated while you are asking for new donations. This spreads your message further and lets people know that others are already getting behind you. You can also use our toolkit, which makes social sharing easy with ready-to-publish photos and posts for Facebook and Twitter.


Use the posters in the toolkit to promote and share what you’re doing with others, and use the offline donation form to easily share with friends and family at physical events. You can also use our fact sheet to help you talk to others about sponsorship, and then direct them to your online page to sponsor a child.


Don’t hesitate to send a few follow-up emails. Emails are easy to overlook and people often open them up quickly and then forget to go back to them. Use email to keep people up-to-date with your progress as you hit different milestones (75 percent raised, two children sponsored, etc.) and ask supporters to help you hit the next milestone.


As more of your network gets behind you, keep thanking and tagging them on social media, and make sure you continue to share your progress toward your goal.