Ready? Set. Goat!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.
Help us change the lives of 100 kids (small humans) by giving 100 kids (baby goats)

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  2. SET a goal for how much you'd like to raise. We suggest a goal of $500. This would provide 5 goats to families in need!
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See how a goat changed Nelson's life.

When Nelson and his family received a goat, their lives were changed in a profound way. Take a moment to watch their story below.


As you saw in Nelson's story, a single goat provides incredible benefits to a family in poverty...

1 dairy goat can provide 200 gallons of milk per year; Goats live an average of 12 years; Vitamin-rich milk leads to better health; Milk can be sold in the market; Female goats reproduce an average of 3 offspring per year

Be Inspired:

Sara created a series of paintings that shine a spotlight on the plight of children in poverty. She started a campaign and sold her art to raise $3,000!

Sam wanted to do something unique to make an impact. He asked his friends to donate a few bucks to motivate him to run a half marathon 10 minutes faster than his personal best. He raised $850!

Ji and Da
Ji and Da donated their birthdays to make a difference in the lives of children in poverty. Their friends donated to their campaign instead of giving them gifts and they raised $680!