Act for Children At Risk

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Your voice and heart are needed NOW more than ever. For a limited time, you can meet the most urgent global needs facing children in poverty.

We developed an exclusive tool to make it even easier to take action today. Now you can build an online fundraising campaign tailored to your passion for children in poverty. You have 3 ways to do it:

  • Restore lives shaken by Ecuador's earthquakes
  • Give food to those in the throes of Ethiopia's drought
  • Protect precious little ones from abuse and exploitation in high-risk communities around the world

It takes only a few minutes to create your online fundraiser, and it's the best way to rally your friends and family to change lives together. You'll get tools and tips to make your campaign a success - and the best part is, you'll be using YOUR voice to make a life-changing impact for the kids who need it most.

It all starts with ONE act.