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In October, Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti, leaving a trail of destruction and hopelessness. Initial reports said more than 350,000 Haitians were impacted by Hurricane Matthew—with many losing their homes and jobs. Crops were destroyed. Schools were leveled. Roofs ripped off of homes. Worst of all, it is the children of Haiti who will suffer the most, and they need your help today.

You can help restore what Hurricane Matthew destroyed in Haiti — all it takes is five minutes of your time!

Throughout the Bible, God calls His people to love and care for those living in poverty — especially children. Now, you have a new way to extend your love and care for children with Act for Compassion. And it’s a perfect way to share your heart for children in need with friends and family.

It’s completely online and takes about five minutes to set up. There are just three easy steps:

  • 1. Click "Start a Campaign"
  • 2. Set a goal for how much you would like to raise for children in Haiti.
  • 3. Share your new campaign with friends by email and social media.

That’s it! There’s a child in Haiti who desperately needs your voice — so get started today!

If additional money is raised beyond what is needed for this disaster, it will be used to help other Compassion-assisted children and families who become victims of a disaster.