This is where your impact begins!

Like thousands of people who have started Act for Compassion campaigns around the world, you pledged your birthday to put an end to unsafe drinking water for at least five families around the world.

Your selflessness means the gift of a complete water system, along with the training, resources and education to ensure safe water for life, is bringing both health and hope to a child and his or her family.

So, set up your personalized birthday campaign right now and share hope and inspiration with your family, friends and people across the world.

Create your fundraiser in three easy steps!

  1. CLICK to start your online fundraiser.
  2. SET a goal for how much you’d like to raise for water filter systems. Keep in mind that one water filter is $79. We recommend a goal of $395, which would provide five water filters to five families, allowing them to drink safe water for a lifetime!
  3. SHARE your campaign with family and friends through email and social media. We’ll give you fun tools like videos, Facebook and Twitter posts and tons of online resources to help make your campaign a success!
Let's Go!

Why the goal of five families?

Good question. Did you know the average birthday party — once supplies, food and entertainment are taken into account — runs around $450? It’s often more and that’s before buying gifts. The $395 is a conservative goal — one we feel is well within reach, especially when your friends and family get involved.

And just imagine how great you'll feel knowing that on your birthday, you gave a priceless gift of hope in a tangible way, leaving you celebrated by people around the world for many days, months and years to come.

How cool is that?

Ready to get started? You difference-maker, you ...

Let's Go!

Be Inspired:

Elliott wanted to provide clean water to children like the one his family sponsors. He asked his parents to tell all his family and friends to make a donation instead of buying him presents on his fifth birthday. He raised $560! Honestly, a few of us were moved to tears by his generous little spirit.

Olivia shared her birthday fundraiser on her social media and raised $730. That's a lot of families who won't have to worry about having clean drinking water.

Stephen wanted to live out the saying "it's better to give than to receive." So on his birthday, a day associated with receiving, he directed attention away from himself and toward children in need. His community responded and he raised $525!