Compassion's History - 1980s

History of Compassion International in the 1980s.

Compassion in the 1980s

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We move our headquarters to Colorado Springs, Colo., and Compassion, Inc. becomes Compassion International, Inc.

Wally Erickson, President of Compassion International, at a groundbreaking ceremony.

We introduce the Non-Formal Education (NFE) program. The NFE program includes educational activities and training outside of formal school to help children help themselves.

These Compassion-assisted, church-run child development centers participating in the NFE program begin to address more than physical needs. Children learn how to overcome obstacles to their future development. They learn vocational skills, principles of hygiene and nutrition, and leadership skills so they can improve their lives, and perhaps, even improve their communities.

The NFE program is the foundation for our current Holistic Child Development Model, a comprehensive approach to child development that requires more planning and deeper involvement with families and communities.

We launch our Child Sponsorship Program in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.


We establish the MEALS and MEALSPlus programs to provide food and daycare for young children and to and assist our other programs in providing nutrition and health-related activities.


We introduce The Compassion Fund to provide extraordinary medical and education assistance to sponsored children.

Compassion sets up the Unsponsored Children's Fund to help provide support to newly registered children waiting for a sponsor.


We begin our ministry in Peru.


Tear Fund New Zealand becomes a cooperating country partner.

Compassion in the 1980s | 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1990s | 21st century

The Heart of Compassion Beats Stronger Than Ever

Our history begins with one man’s act of compassion in 1952, an act that blossomed into a ministry helping millions of babies, children and young adults.

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