About Compassion International

Jesus Cares About Children. So Do We.

We are a Christian charity dedicated to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Through sponsorships and donations, we empower local churches to provide individualized and holistic care to children in poverty so they are free to learn, grow, play and dream.

Sponsor A Child

Our impact over the last year


Children Served

We empowered 8,600 Frontline Church Partners to care for 2.3M impoverished children in their communities.


Medical Interventions

We provided medical care like emergency surgeries, injury treatments and trauma counseling to 1.5M vulnerable children.


Family Food Packs

We enabled local churches to come alongside hungry families and provide the vital nutrition they need to thrive.


Hygiene Kits

We delivered 7.6M hygiene care kits to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases that threaten children in poverty


Given to Disaster Relief

We supplied local churches across the world with resources to respond when disasters struck the most vulnerable.


Letters Written To Children

Loving sponsors wrote 1.3M letters of encouragement to their sponsored children, giving them hope for better futures.

Well over 355 million children are trapped in poverty. We're working to change that.

Poverty damages children's growth, learning and development, preventing them from reaching their God-given potential. Successfully intervening for them requires holistic care, which is why our child development model addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each child. Help us reduce the number of children living in extreme poverty by sponsoring a child.

Sponsor A Child

Two primary ways you can partner with us

Sponsor A Child
By sponsoring a child, you give them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and have a thriving future. As you offer encouragement and support in Jesus' name, your love will ignite a lifetime of hope.
Donate to a Cause
Children in poverty are at extreme risk of malnutrition, sickness and exploitation. But you can show them the love of Jesus by offering them food, medical care and protection.

Your contributions are stewarded
to help children around the world.

We're committed to the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability, only using money for the purpose it was raised, regularly performing audits to ensure our programs are well managed and funds are properly disbursed and applied and balancing low administrative and fundraising costs with high-quality programs.
We exceed governance benchmarks.
Earned for trustworthiness in the marketplace.
We are accredited for upholding integrity.

Help lift millions of people like
Yanelly out of poverty in Jesus’ name


Children in the Compassion program are up to 40% more likely to finish secondary education.


Children in the Compassion program are 80% more likely to graduate from college.


Children in the Compassion program are up to 75% more likely to become leaders in their communities.

Helping children for over 70 years

In 1952 Rev. Everett Swanson first flew to South Korea to minister to American troops fighting in the Korean War and felt compelled to help the orphans he saw on the streets.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Picture of Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado
President and CEO
Picture of Joe Wilkins
Joe Wilkins
Chief Financial Officer
Picture of Sidney Muisyo
Sidney Muisyo
Chief Program Officer
Picture of Pamela Parisian
Pamela Parisian
Chief Information Officer
Picture of Robert Hawkins
Robert Hawkins
General Counsel & Chief Strategy Officer
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Mark Hanlon
Chief Development Officer
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Tom Beck
Chief People & Culture Officer