The End of Extreme Poverty in Our World is Possible

-- and It's Possible in Our Lifetime.

That’s what Live 58: is all about — Christian organizations coming together to provide opportunities for pulling the plug on extreme poverty.

Compassion child sponsorship is one of THE most effective terminators of extreme poverty, as this story of one little girl shows … 

There’s poverty. Then there’s extreme poverty — the kind that Soundarya and her parents suffer.

The Trap
Sondayra's father is determined to ensure his daughter will get out of the poverty trap.

“I am a quarry worker, trapped and bound to repay my debt.”

Soundarya’s parents are caught in the trap of bonded servitude. Every day, all day, they break rocks with a sledgehammer for a debt that they will never be able to repay.

Families in this trap have no hope. No way out. Their children will inherit the debt, then pass it on to their children. This extreme destitution leads many mothers and fathers to sell their own children into the horrors of the commercial sex trade. By joining with Compassion and releasing a child from poverty in Jesus' name, you can attack trafficking by preventing it from happening in the first place. You can give a child a childhood, not a nightmare.

“This debt and this hardship will come to an end with me. My daughter will not face this.”

The Way Out
Sondayra pictured here with her mother and father.

But in the midst of crushing poverty and risk, hope has come to Soundarya.

She is a Compassion sponsored child. Among other benefits, sponsorship enables Soundarya to go to school, where she excels and dreams about becoming a software engineer.

Most important, through sponsorship, Soundarya knows that God loves her and has a plan for her life that doesn’t include poverty!

“I’m not sure what my daughter will do when she is older. But I am sure she will not break stones.”

One Step = Big Change

Today, hundreds of thousands of American sponsors are ending extreme poverty — one Soundarya at a time — through Compassion child sponsorship. Their monthly support of $38 is literally changing the world for children caught in poverty’s trap.

Join these champions for children in need like Soundarya.

Become a Compassion sponsor and bring extreme poverty one step, one child, closer to the end.

“It takes so little to make a huge difference. My sponsorship of Soundarya is changing her life. Being a part of her journey is also changing mine!”

—Jeanie Canwell



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