World Poverty Day

Vulnerable children with severely ill parents, children who must serve as the head of the household, or children who are at risk of abuse or exploitation need extra attention and protection.

Highly Vulnerable Children

For the world's most vulnerable children, life is not an opportunity to learn or grow, dream or play. It is a struggle for survival and safety.

This fund offers a lifeline to children facing almost unimaginable hardship. Assistance provided these children varies, depending upon their individual needs, but can include: 

  • foster care 

  • trauma counseling 

  • legal assistance  

  • shelter renovations

Your gift to this initiative will enable churches around the world to partner with Compassion to reach out into their communities and provide life-saving intervention to children who truly need it the most.

Please help now. A child in danger is waiting for you. 

How Compassion Helps

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Compassion works with its local church partners to identify children in high-risk circumstances. We evaluate factors that include the child's physical and mental health, nutrition and more.

Interventions offered through this program include:

  • Nutritional assistance
  • Shelter renovations
  • Clothing
  • Counseling for traumatized children

In addition to foster care and nutritional support, we offer counseling to encourage adolescents to stop risky behavior like sexual activity, alcohol use, smoking and truancy.

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