Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

A Free Resource for your church

This life-changing learning experience will encourage growth in your church as you step into the life of one Ugandan family. Through short devotions and videos, families and small groups will venture into the world of extreme poverty and be encouraged to respond as Jesus leads.

A Free Resource for your church
Hear From Craig Groeschel

"After a recent Compassion Sunday, we felt a revival of God's Spirit. We could sense Him challenging the people to do more and to be more aware of what’s going on in the world."

Rusty Rice
Oakwood Baptist Church

"That partnership has not just blessed me as a leader; it has affected the very nature of who we are as a church. The spiritual life of our entire congregation has become richer."

Lee Kricher
Amplify Church

"Giving actually went up after sponsorship Sunday and it continues to go up because I think for some people this is the first step of generosity."

Ken Burkey
Green Valley Community Church

Every photo shows a child who urgently needs a sponsor. Just click on a child's photo to learn more.
Your monthly donation provides a child with with hope that will last a lifetime. In the Child Sponsorship Program every child is connected to a loving, local church where they receive the holistic care they need.