Why Partner?

Why Partner?

Why Compassion partners with Christian musicians, speakers and ministries

Over the years, Compassion has partnered with many Christian musicians, speakers, promoters and ministries who share Compassion's heart for impoverished children around the world.

These spokespeople not only have a strong desire to serve as advocates for children in need, they are also sponsors of children themselves. In fact, the great majority have visited Compassion-assisted child development centers in developing countries and witnessed firsthand the life-changing effects that sponsorship brings.

Compassion's partnership many times includes financial assistance for these artists, speakers and ministries. This does not make their passion to help the poor any less significant. We want to honor the kingdom-building work that God has called these ministries to accomplish. These partnerships are relationships built on kingdom efforts, mutual respect and trust.

Compassion's investment in this area has a twofold benefit: Tens of thousands of new sponsorships are acquired while supporting other Christian ministries that also are building God's kingdom. Therefore, we feel these relationships are both fiscally and spiritually responsible.

Note: As a part of its longstanding commitment to financial accountability and stewardship, Compassion invests less than 10 percent of its total expenses in fundraising activities.