Why I joined the Advocate Network

Why I joined the Advocate Network
Pam Neunsinger

After learning at church about ways to step out of her comfort zone, Pam Neunsinger felt God calling her to do just that. But her first challenge was almost too overwhelming.

"I had gotten things in the mail about holding a Compassion Sunday and becoming an Advocate, but I kept ignoring them," says Pam. "I'm not an aggressive person and that was way out of my comfort zone!"

But she couldn't get it out of her mind. "I thought, 'Well, maybe I'll just fill the application out — but that's all.' But God kept tugging at my heart. So I ended up mailing it in. I went through the training and I got my first Child Packet!"

Pam found the packet compelling. "I don't care for solicitation, like most of us," she says. "But this is very visual. The packet represents an actual child in need!"

Since becoming a Child Advocate was so far out of Pam's comfort zone, she prayed that God would help her find a sponsor for this first child. She was shocked at how easily it happened.

"I had the Child Packet out and my college-age son saw it and started asking questions. He decided he needed to sponsor him! I had prayed that God would drop the person in my lap and He did!"

Now Pam feels more motivated than ever to make a difference. "I know that I want to find sponsors for children living in poverty," she says. "I'm taking slow steps, but I'm doing it. I look at the Child Packet and know that child needs help. And I can do something. We are not helpless. We can do so much for so little!"

Will you help offer hope to children in need?

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