Other Volunteer Opportunities

When you volunteer with Compassion, there are all sorts of different ways you can be involved. If public speaking isn't your thing, don't worry! There are many other volunteer opportunities for you to participate in. Some of these other volunteer opportunities might even spur others into volunteering with you.

Spend some time on our web site and learn about other volunteer opportunities to make a difference for children in poverty. Things such as Compassion Sunday, Malaria Bites, Team Compassion, Get Your Business Involved and Compassion Widgets all offer unique ways to help spread the word about Compassion's ministry.

Whether it's your church family, your coworkers, your athletic team or even your cyber-friends, these other volunteer opportunities will broaden your message about the importance of speaking up for children in poverty and will help you to reach new audiences.

Even if you've been volunteering with Compassion for a long time, it's worth your time to check out these other volunteer opportunities and see if there's a new way for you to speak up for children in poverty. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities
Compassion Sunday

This special, one-day event is designed to draw the attention of the Church to the needs of the world's poorest children.  Order your free planning guide today to get started.

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Malaria Bites, Bite Back!

Malaria, a preventable disease, kills 3,000 children each day.  Order the Bite Back kit today and help put an end to this staggering toll.

Bite Back  

Team Compassion

Order a Team Compassion shirt to wear at your next athletic race, or as you train.  As you prepare, consider recruiting others to help support your efforts to raise funds for Compassion.

Join Team Compassion  

Compassion Banners and Widgets

Get a free Compassion banner or widget to put on your blog or other site.

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