Not Just for Children

Not Just for Children

By: Jore Lund, Advocate Coach

Isaiah 58, with all of its talk about justice and feeding the hungry, is about development — the development of "the house of Jacob." The deeds that are encouraged are good, in fact sacred, but the Scripture is not only about the poor or the oppressed — it is about the development of those who have the power to act on their behalf. Call it "Western arrogance," but often our silent agreement is this: I'll pretend you are alright, you pretend that I'm alright. Now let's go change the world. The reality is that we are broken people. Often we are more broken than those we are trying to help. And the change that needs to happen is within us, God's children. We need to be developed.

Now development may seem like a weak word in relation to Isaiah 58. However, consider this, we are part of a great organization that focuses on holistic child development. In the local churches where we partner, we address the spiritual, physical, economic, and social needs of children. The goal of development is, in the words of Compassion's website, "to help the child achieve his or her God-given potential."

This is God's goal for all His children.

In spite of my best efforts to appear otherwise, this child is not fully developed yet. I still need help to achieve my God-given potential. Metaphorically speaking, I am rustling around inside of my dingy little shack while the great Creator stands at the door and knocks. He wants to come and visit. He desires me to be filled with what He knows to be the only true food, the only daily bread that will satisfy.

One of the ways I have let God in over the past few years has been through coaching.

Personal coaching is great for holistic development. It is a powerful tool in the change process. Christian coaching goes even deeper and invites the Great Developer to be the architect of that change. When I call my coach, I have made a decision that I want to be changed. So I have also opened the door of my heart for the Almighty and said, "Come in, let's have lunch...go ahead, tinker with my life."

It is in that setting, and with that attitude, that I can enjoy the meal God has for me: development. Consider spending time at our Advocate Coaching website as a step forward in your own personal development.