Volunteer Coaching Program

"A Year From Now You'll Wish You Had Started Today"

By: Ian Durias, Advocate Coaching & Training Manager

I don't know whom to credit for the quote I used as the title of this article, but whoever said it is a wise person.

Often lost in the celebration of accomplishments are the daily diligences that are the building blocks of achievement. Compassion is with you on your journey. Specifically, we're excited to serve you through Advocate coaching.

How about contacting a coach today? Start a coaching relationship that'll help you take your advocacy to the next level and beyond.

A year from now you'll be glad you started today.

Working with a coach is fun! You'll have the opportunity to explore ideas and try new things. There are no right or wrong answers. Working with a coach is more play than work, and you'll be surprised at how discovery turns to action. What's more, your coach will be right there with you, celebrating as you move forward with your ideas and dreams.

It's all about God leading you. As coaches, we listen for your agenda and hold it up for you to see. As your agenda changes and develops, there's your coach, holding it up for you to follow, encouraging and praying for you every step of the way.

Approach your coaching conversations ready to be coached. This means having something prepared to be coached on. It can be anything that you want to explore, clarify, or act on. What can you bring to your advocacy? What's in the way? What would you like to try?

Be ready for a challenge. Instead of talking about what you already know, you'll find yourself thinking about what you do not yet know. That's what your coach is there to do for you. And when your coach asks you a question, answer it for yourself, not for your coach. Remember, it's your agenda.

Don't expect your coach to simply give answers. It's better than that! Your coach is there to draw out your creativity and resourcefulness and support you and you implement your ideas. Take notes. Coaching is about action and, by writing things down, you've already started.


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