Advocate Network News Fall 2012

Take Your Advocacy to the Next Level

By: Jane Gillis, Advocate Coach

Jane Gillis, Advocate Coach

With so many voices speaking at once, it is sometimes difficult to hear the voice of God. I have learned that I have to purposefully take time that is focused and free of distractions to listen to the Holy Spirit.

God has called each of us to be obedient. And as Advocates, He has called us to speak out on behalf of those who are hurting, those who have no voice. This is without question, but there isn’t just one set way for us to accomplish that task.

We are each uniquely made and specifically enabled by the Holy Spirit. And God wants to uniquely use us in our sphere of influence. So the question is, "How do we go about accomplishing the task that is set before us?" In each case, it will be unique and different!

How does coaching help make this happen? Coaching is the process of facilitating forward movement in other people — helping them find clarity, discover God’s direction, and move forward in action.

Advocate coaching is a time when God can speak to you in a unique way appropriate to a situation in which you may be already engaged. Maybe it will be as you teach a Sunday school class or share with a small group. Maybe it will be in a service organization or community outreach program. Perhaps it will be a race or event that focuses on Water of Life or Bite Back. These ideas only skim the surface of possibilities.

Where is God leading you to share the message of Compassion? And how will you move forward in His power? The Advocate coaching relationship lends clarity and direction and enables you to have a more powerful witness.

I love ballroom dancing because, in partnership, it is possible to accomplish so much more than I can on my own. Coaching is a lot like dancing. You come to the coaching relationship with an idea you want to move forward. Your coach steps into the partnership prepared to follow your lead. And the music of the Holy Spirit defines the direction and unique steps that lead to the final performance. The end result is much more than your original idea. It is powerful and exciting!

Advocate coaching starts with a commitment to four 30-minute phone consultations. For some it will go much deeper. Try it!

What do you have to lose?

And what do you have to gain?