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Our Advocate Coaches are ready to serve you. Get acquainted with our coaches and contact one of them today. These conversations can help you make an even stronger impact for children in poverty.

Andrea Bisordi -- Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Q: What‘s one of your favorite Scripture verses?

A: One of my very favorites is Romans 8:38-39. Check it out!

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Chris Crane -- Mattawan, Michigan

Q: What attracted you to coaching?

A: The premise that God made us to be unique, creative and resourceful and that we are each the experts in our own lives really resonated. I love that the coach, rather than giving directions, partners with the person being coached to help them figure out their next steps. Coaching is forward looking and full of possibilities!

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Cory Martin -- Oakland, Nebraska

Q: In what area have you felt a strong calling in your life?

A: Ever since I saw poverty firsthand in Guatemala in 1990, I have felt that God has wanted me to serve the poor through Compassion International. First, I strive to be the best sponsor that I can be to my family’s sponsored children overseas. Then, I enjoy sharing Compassion as an Advocate and serving other Advocates through coaching.

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David Entler -- Bloomington, Minnesota

Q: Why did you want to become an Advocate Coach for Compassion?

A: I truly believe that Advocates who choose to be coached will be the ones who make the greatest impact in the Network over the next five years. Coaching really works, and I look for the Lord to move in ways far beyond our imagination if we allow Him to move our hearts in the coaching process.

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Jane Gillis -- Rochester, Minnesota

Q: What is coaching like to you?

A: Coaching is like dancing with another person who is leading. My job is to listen to the music of the Holy Spirit and bring clarity, direction and action for the one being coached. It is a partnership based on active listening, powerful questioning, and direct communication that facilitates forward movement.

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Jore Lund -- Onalaska, Washington

Q: What do you get out of coaching?

A: I find hope in helping people realize their dreams. "Realize" in two definitions: first, to understand and become conscious of; and second, to make real and achieve.

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Sara Anderson -- Johnston, Iowa

Q: What do you enjoy?

A: Life changing conversation. A challenging Bible study or good book, preferably nonfiction and biographies.

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Sheri Beck -- Valdez, Alaska

Q: What drives you?

A: God’s beautiful creation, pursuing a vision, God's peace.

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Tiffany Aurora -- Washington, D.C.

Q: What brings out the best in you?

A: Travel, kids, a huge bear hug, conversations that reach deep without totally depending on words, pursuit of a dream, and opportunities to grow and move forward.

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Ian Durias web.jpg
"A Year From Now You'll Wish You Had Started Today"

I don't know whom to credit for the quote I used as the title of this article, but whoever said it is a wise person.

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"My experience with coaching was such a wonderful one!  I received so much encouragement in my coaching and it was truly a time of brainstorming and creative thinking about ways in which I could reach my goals for my advocacy."

Alicia B., Fort Mill, SC 

"Coaching got my heart back to the bigger picture."

Jeff C., Eugene, OR

"I firmly believe that no matter where you are at in your ministry, coaching is exactly what the doctor ordered; you will not be disappointed!"

Jim L.  Ovid, MI

"Coaching brings me to an open field where I can clearly see what my next step should be and how I can make the most of the gifts and talents already placed in my hands by God."

Julie H., Hancock, MD


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