Volunteer Training

Welcome to the Compassion Volunteer Training Site that includes training for working a Compassion event or concert.

Volunteer Training

Welcome to the Event Volunteer Training Site. This site includes resources you need to be successful at an event. Please review the important videos and documents below. If you have questions about any of the resources, please contact the Volunteer Event Coordinator who assigned you to the event you will be working.

Start here with an Introduction to Events!

Important Information for Volunteering at All Compassion Events:

Child Packet Training. Please read the Instruction Guide. Every event attendee who wants to sponsor a child will need to fill out the One-Page Packet sponsorship form. The guide provides you with the information you need to assist the new sponsor.

You may also see the Regional Packet form at the event. This packet follows the same Instruction Guide as the One-Page Packet sponsorship form, but has a different look. The children featured on these Regional Child Packets are not available for sponsorship themselves; they are representative of the many others waiting for a sponsor within their region.

These packets allow individuals to choose the region (Africa, Asia, Central or South America) where they would like to sponsor a child. Compassion will match them with a specific child in need from one of the countries where we work within the area they’ve selected.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compassion

Information About Working Specialized Events
Compassion Experience Training Video
Please watch this short video in preparation for your volunteer time at the Compassion Experience.
If the video does not work, then you can also download the training in PDF format here.

Festival Training Video
Please also review the important Festival Guidelines you will receive from your Event Coordinator before volunteering at a festival.

Radio Campaign Webform & Script - CDSP
Please review this important document before volunteering at your assigned Radio Marathon. These instructions will help you be more prepared for the duties at this particular event. Please feel free to print them out as you’d like, and know that this information will also be reviewed onsite once you arrive.

Compassion's Four Ministries
Many events will focus on one of Compassion's four ministries. Find out more information about each of these ministries here.

If you are asked to set up a display, we have provided videos instructing you on how to set up and tear down specific kinds.

Would you like a Compassion T-shirt to wear while volunteering at the event?
Is this your first time volunteering alongside a Compassion Partnered Event? If so, please e-mail volunteer@compassion.com to request a Compassion T-shirt. Please include the following: your name, your Sponsor number (name of the Sponsor if you are a guest,) shipping address, the event you are working, and your T-shirt size (M-XXL). (We apologize that at this time we are out of small shirts, please order another size.)

Note: to avoid excessive shipping costs, T-shirts may not arrive in time for an event that is 5 business days or less from the date of your request. We apologize, but please know that your T-shirt will still be sent regardless. Thank you again for the vital role you play as an advocate at Compassion Partnered Events.

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