Typhoon in Philippines

Typhoon in Philippines. The Philippines has been hit by the worst Typhoon the country has ever seen. Thousands of people are unaccounted for after this historic storm made land fall on Friday.

Ferocious winds pummeled the area while tsunami-like waves pounded the small island. Many of the 92 million residents are familiar with the yearly typhoons and prepare for the difficult season ahead.

However, this storm is something they could not have foreseen. The government is pleading for help from other countries as this disaster is on a level that they cannot handle and do not have the resources to help the thousands of Philippines devastated by this horrific storm.

The U.S. Marines have answered the call on this veteran's day to help with the rescue efforts. According to CNN, "Brigadier Gen. Paul Kennedy arrived at the Tacloban airport at the head of a U.S. Marines relief effort that includes helicopters as well as four huge C-130 aircraft to ferry in relief supplies. Kennedy received a warm greeting from a Filipino officer and projected confidence in an interview with CNN's Paula Hancocks.

'There's a lot we can do,' Kennedy said.

Kennedy said his marines will set up floodlights and radar to keep the airport operating after dark.

Not far away from the military operation, passengers lined up in the damaged terminal for commercial flights.

Runways blocked by trees this weekend had been cleared, and passenger jets were on the tarmac. Local airlines were working together on flight plans."

Compassion already has staff on the ground assessing the situation and helping families in need. Please help our children and families in the Philippines as they face this crisis.

Emergency Shelter
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Typhoon’s Impact on Philippines Children in Compassion’s Program

We are so thankful that there was no loss of life among the 6,449 Compassion-assisted children seriously affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Thousands were displaced; children and their families suffered from home and personal property losses and injuries. But lives were spared and prayers have been answered.

Of the Compassion church partners located within the typhoon’s path, 62 were severely affected in areas such as Leyte, Samar, Panay, Negros and Cebu.

Through the efforts of dedicated country staff members, relief goods — including canned food, hygiene supplies, mats, blankets and clothes — have been supplied to children and their families in affected areas. Medical teams were sent in to assist injured children and family members. Please continue to pray for people in these areas as they recover and rebuild from this disaster.

How Does Compassion Help Children in Crisis?

The Disaster and Relief Stability Fund was set up to quickly provide aid to families of Compassion-assisted children so they can survive a disaster and get back on their feet.

When you give to this fund, you help Compassion provide the relief, recovery, and rehabilitation that is vital for restoring families after a disaster.

Thank you for your prayers and for helping children in the Philippines however you can.

*Any money raised above the amount needed in the Philippines will be used by the general Disaster Relief Fund to help other children and families affected by disasters

Photographs from the Philippines
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Typhoon destroys sponsored child’s home


Medals that 7-year-old Christian earned for academic performance hang neatly from a nail on the only wooden beam left standing in his home.

Typhoon Haiyan obliterated Christian’s home in the Philippine city of Bogo, where he had lived with his grandmother and father. The massive destruction wasn’t the first big loss in Christian’s life. His mother died last year after a stray dog attacked her. Christian’s father does not work. So his grandmother Nora raises him on her house-cleaning wages of 500 Philippine pesos ($11.90 USD) a month.

Because Christian is registered in the Child Sponsorship Program, Compassion staff and church partners have committed to knowing, loving and protecting him. So they checked on him as soon as possible after the superstorm let up. Even before the typhoon made landfall, Compassion knew it had the potential to be a major disaster for many of our 66,400 sponsored children and their families there. But assessing damage to the Philippines has been difficult since the powerful storm took out avenues of communication throughout much of the island chain. Help reached Bogo city relatively quickly. Meanwhile, Compassion’s disaster response teams are going through each of the damaged communities, trying to track down our children and their families, evaluating damage to our church partners and responding to immediate needs.

Disaster relief funds can help children like Christian to get back on their feet. Donations to Compassion’s disaster relief funds allow for emergency kits to be distributed. The kits include food, water, blankets, candles, basic necessities, and even clothing and temporary shelter when necessary. Christian’s family has found temporary shelter in a home that Nora cleans. Through sobs, Christian says he hopes that Compassion’s support will help his family rebuild.

Compassion’s biggest need for such families is money. It goes a lot further than items — which also cost money to ship, etc. Should Compassion raise more money than needed for this disaster, any extra dollars go into our disaster relief fund to help victims of upcoming crises.

To make a donation that will help children like Christian, please go to compassion.com/typhoon.

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