Yohanes Bhahar Apriliyawan

Yohanes Bhahar Apriliyawan

Yohanes Bhahar Apriliyawan

  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: April 17, 1993
  • Denomination: Church of Isa Almasih [Jesus Christ]
  • Discipline: Health Education
  • University: Semarang State University
  • Location: Indonesia
  • Gender: Male
  • Completion Date: August 31, 2016
  • Student ID: IO9800592

Languages spoken: Indonesian and Javanese

Languages read and written: Indonesian

What was your family life like? I live with my loving, caring family. I really love them. I am the middle child of three siblings. My younger sibling is in elementary school and my older one is married and has a job. My parents are farmers, and they are usually busy on the farm. I am proud of them because they work hard to pay for my education, and I will never take it for granted. I always try to be the best and make my parents proud. The majority of people in my village are Muslims, but I never feel embarrassed, and I always go to church every week.

Describe your childhood community environment: I went to the school near my house. I was so happy as a child, because there were a lot of children my age to play with.

What are some of your personal interests and passions? I enjoy playing futsal (indoor soccer) and other games.

What is your vision for your time in the Leadership Development Program? I want to be someone who is helpful to others and is able to have a positive impact on my community. I also want to be a responsible leader in the future.

Tell us about your spiritual, physical and academic goals for the next few years: I want to serve God with my knowledge. I will remember the importance of health. I will be on top and good at what I study.

Is there anything else you want to share? I will be firm and always follow God's path. I really want to finish my studies on time.

How did you come to accept Christ as your personal Savior? I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior during my baptism on September 11, 2011, in the Lerep swimming pool in Ungaran. In the middle of the service I felt God's presence in my life and peace in my heart. Now, I know that I am precious and God will always be with me, helping me in my troubles. I am happy when God fills my life.

What is God teaching you right now? God is teaching me about responsibility and patience. These past months, I have had so many assignments, and I've had to finish everything before my mid-term exam. I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it with the deadline so close, but God had another plan for me. God is teaching me that I have to do my responsibility with a happy heart, because it will make things easier.

Describe the impact Compassion has had on your personal and spiritual development: Compassion is very dear to me. Besides providing me with financial aid, I also get a lot of blessing through the child development center and its activities. The activities help me grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and socio-emotionally. At the moment, I'm taking a computer course at the center for three months. It is very useful for my study.

How are you currently serving in your local church? I am not participating in any ministry, but I attend church regularly.

Who has had the most influence on your life and why? My family has had the most influence, because they always support, encourage and motivate me.

What challenges do you think you will face during your university experience? There are a lot of assignments, and the reference books are not in the library, so I have to find outside sources. It's challenging to be disciplined, hardworking and responsible.

What are some of the problems in your community? Differences in opinions and teenage delinquency are problems.

How do you plan to use your degree and leadership skills to address the problems in your community and advance the kingdom of God? I want to serve skillfully by sharing what I know and what I have. I want to serve people in the health field.

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