Luis Fernando Rodriguez Bermudez

Luis Fernando Rodriguez Bermudez

Luis Fernando Rodriguez Bermudez

  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: November 09, 1995
  • Denomination: Missioner Advance Apostolic Christian
  • Discipline: Dentistry
  • University: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras
  • Location: Honduras
  • Gender: Male
  • Completion Date: December 31, 2019
  • Student ID: HO9800340

Languages spoken, read and written: Spanish

Explain why you chose your course of study: I want to study dentistry because I would like to improve people’s lives in regard to their health. This field of study allows much community service through brigades and other opportunities.

How did you come to accept Christ as your personal Savior? First of all, I come from a very strict Christian family and that is where everything started for me, but I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 10 years old, almost 11. I accepted Him because I was old enough and at that time there was a group called G12 Junior. This is where we started with pre-discipleship and then went to a retreat and when we returned, we had to take the discipleship. I was in the church when I decided to accept Jesus and this is where the change in my life started. After many years of experience and going through many things, I keep standing in the only way, in Jesus.

Who has had the most influence on your life and why? Not just one person but several persons, voluntarily and involuntarily. But I will mention only two of them. First of all, my parents, Angel Rodriguez and Ondina Bermudez. They have been clear role models since I was a little boy. They are an example in the spiritual area for how they serve God as leaders in the church. Their hard work has pulled their children through and they love their family, as they have become responsible for helping cousins and raising other children. I can see the love between them after 28 years of marriage and all the support that they give me every day.

How has God used Compassion to form who you are today? God has used Compassion in a great way, not only in my life but also in my family. I’ve been part of the child development center since I can remember, and this has marked me for the rest of my life. Since I was little, the teachers and collaborators trained me in the essential areas. I received spiritual teachings and messages according to my age and stage in life and they taught me so many beautiful things. Through the LDP my sister was able to graduate from the university and this is a great blessing for my family and for a whole generation. My mother worked for so many years in the child development center and her job was a blessing for my family. Thanks to Compassion, I have known many places in Honduras. Compassion changes lives with all the help they provide for youth and children, and God keeps using Compassion to keep changing and blessing my life, because now I'm part of the LDP, to be trained as a leader.

What was your family life like? My family and I have a good relationship; we all get along well. I grew up in La Cañada, a place surrounded by family, including cousins and friends that I grew up playing with. My family has been hardworking and we have what we need to live. We are a family of six: my father, Angel (48), who works as a watchman in Missioner Advance Apostolic Ministry; mother, Ondina (49), who works as a cleaner in the same ministry; and their four children: Angel (28), married with a beautiful family of two children; Kenia (24); myself; and Jesus (16). We have been a united family, and one's problem is everybody's problem. My parents are leaders in the church and role models for us.

Describe the environment where you grew up: The streets were made of dirt and we had no sewer system, but thanks to the hard work of people, we have a sewer system, the streets are paved, there are sidewalks, and the community looks very pretty. My first school was a very deteriorated public school called Ramon Calix Figueroa, where they had no chairs. I just went to first grade there and then I attended a private school, Missioner Advance School and Kindergarten, where I went on a scholarship for four years. It was well equipped and the teachers were good, but they closed and I had to finish elementary at Aposento Alto School. I made many friends in Monterrey High School and we are still friends. I think my community covers all the basic needs. The challenges are to create recreation centers and to take care of our community.

What are some of your favorite activities? When I'm on vacation, I like to play soccer. A few days a week I help in PROAM, a media production ministry in our church. I like to read the Bible, novels and blogs; to watch TV and movies; to listen to music and go to concerts; to play video games; to go out to eat with my friends; to learn about technology; and to relax. When I'm in school my activities change, because of the schedule and the responsibilities.

How are you currently serving in your local church or community? I have served for many years in the PROAM (media productions) ministry. I'm like the wildcard in PROAM. Depending on what is needed, I'm cameraman, camera director, photographer, photo editor. I put the songs and verses up on the screen during service and I'm in charge of updating the website.

Tell us some of your strengths or special achievements: My main strength is God. I have high self-esteem and I'm very self-confident. I consider myself a person with good judgment and standards who respects other people's decisions. I don´t give up, not even in the difficult situations. I'm so eager to learn something from every situation in life. I'm honest with myself and with other people. I value my work and other people's work, and I listen to other people. I'm able to analyze and to focus on my main responsibilities. My achievements are graduating from high school with honors and graduating from the Compassion program.

How do you hope to use your future career and leadership skills to be a servant leader and help your community, church and country? I'm planning to use my career as a great source of help for my church, my community and Honduras, by bringing medical brigades to my church and to my community. My help starts now while I'm studying, because we provide free service to people with dental problems through the university and then I will do one year of practice anywhere in Honduras.

Tell us about your goals for next year.
Spiritual: To keep growing spiritually, to have a more intimate relationship with God, and to be more active serving God.
Physical: To exercise, to stay well as I have done so far, to eat healthy, and to take care of myself to avoid getting sick.
Academic: To pass 12 courses in 2014 with an average grade of 80 percent.
Social/Emotional: To improve my relationships with my friends, to make new friends, and improve my communication with my family.
Servant Leadership: To do community service.

Do you have a prayer request? My prayer requests are that I do well in my studies and for the economy of my family and my country.

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