Jean Carlos Bazurto Rivera

Jean Carlos Bazurto Rivera

Jean Carlos Bazurto Rivera

  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: August 12, 1994
  • Denomination: Pentecostal
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • University: Secular University Vicente Rocafuerte
  • Location: Ecuador
  • Gender: Male
  • Completion Date: June 30, 2019
  • Student ID: EC9800401

Languages spoken, read and written: Spanish

Explain why you chose your course of study: I chose this career because I enjoy designing and creating new environments and spaces that contribute to the well-being of humankind.

How did you come to accept Christ as your personal Savior? When I was 15 years old we took a class at the Compassion center about gifts and talents and about true adoration. I had heard about God and His love many times before and I even learned to pray, but I didn't say my prayer of faith until that day. That was when I acknowledged that God is everything in this world. I love music, so I chose to use my talent to serve Him, glorify Him and become closer to Him. Now I recognize Him as my Lord and Savior and that's what makes my adoration so genuine and valuable for my Lord. I accepted Jesus that day and told Him I was His worshiper and asked Him to use me to reach others through my gift for music.

Who has had the most influence on your life and why? My mother, because she taught me to face difficulties in life and to fight for what I treasure. She also taught me to act with responsibility and taught me all the necessary values that turned me into an entrepreneurial person who will never forget where he comes from.

How has God used Compassion to form who you are today? God used Compassion to teach me about His Word and about togetherness and teamwork.

What was your family life like? My parents have been divorced for 18 years now. We are three children in the family, but I also have three siblings from my dad's side only. So we are six in total. My dad is a Christian and he's one of the church's wise elders. My mother is Catholic, just like my siblings. I always pray for them to be reached for the kingdom of Christ. I want my whole family to serve Him and honor Him. My brother and I work to support the family. My dad doesn't live with us and gives only a little financial support to us. I live with my mom, Monserrate, and my brother Diego Armando.

Describe the environment where you grew up: The city government just paved every street in my neighborhood.

What are some of your favorite activities? My favorite activities are to play the guitar, to ride my bicycle, to go to church, to hang out with members of the church youth group, and to play soccer.

How are you currently serving in your local church or community? I'm part of the church worship team and treasurer of the youth committee.

Tell us some of your strengths or special achievements: Music is my strength, and my special achievement is that I played at the church's anniversary celebration.

How do you hope to use your future career and leadership skills to be a servant leader and help your community, church and country? I will build new areas or remodel some existing ones in order to offer more comfort to all people here. I want to create nice environments to promote good living conditions and build better housing projects at affordable prices for people with low financial resources.

Tell us about your goals for next year.

Spiritual: to learn more about God's Word each day and to become a great worship minister, someone who reflects God's love and shows it at all times.

Physical: to eat well and go to the doctor on a regular basis in order to keep myself in good health and have no problems at work, with my studies and with the ministry.

Academic: to make my biggest effort each day to be an outstanding student with good knowledge and good grades and become a top professional in the future.

Social/Emotional: to build good friendship bonds and to work on my emotional stability. I will accept my mistakes and will do my best not to hurt anybody.

Servant Leadership: to learn about leadership in order to organize social activities and little by little turn myself into a servant leader, for that's what this program offers and that's what I long to be.

Do you have a prayer request? Please pray for me to have more wisdom and understanding, because the world is going through hard times right now. Pray for God to help me to get ahead in life and to touch the lives of all the members of my family. Thanks!

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