Ireyne Filania Raturandang

Ireyne Filania Raturandang

Ireyne Filania Raturandang

  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: June 09, 1997
  • Denomination: Pentecostal
  • Discipline: Business Administration
  • University: Sam Ratulangi University
  • Location: Indonesia
  • Gender: Female
  • Completion Date: September 30, 2019
  • Student ID: ID9800040

Languages spoken: Indonesian

Languages read and written: Indonesian and some English   

Explain why you chose your course of study: I love to study business administration and that was appropriate with my major when I was in high school. I really want to be a businesswoman so I can build a music school for children who live in poverty. It will be a Christian school.

How did you come to accept Christ as your personal Savior? I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior when I was 15 years old, when I joined the youth camp in my church. At that time I was baptized. I remember at that event my heart was led by the Holy Spirit. I am also grateful that I could join the Compassion project and learn about Jesus and know Him more in the project.

Who has had the most influence on your life and why? The most influencing person in my life is "Brother Boy," who was my tutor in the project. Brother Boy always gives me motivation and advised me when I was doing wrong. He likes my father, so we have become so close. He always gives motivation when I am getting down in serving God.

How has God used Compassion to form who you are today? When I joined the Compassion project for the first time nine years ago, I was a shy girl, but after I received the development in the project I became more confident and brave. I also learned how to serve God. I also am grateful to God because, since I joined the project, my family got support in financial needs, such as my school payment, uniform, shoes, bag and many more things.

What was your family life like? I lived with two brothers, father and mother in a simple house that is made from wood and has two rooms. My older brother, named Fanly, is already married and lives with me and my parents. My other brother, named Mario, lives in another place and already has a job. My father works as general worker and sometimes cannot work because he is getting older. My mother is a homemaker and runs a small kiosk in my house. The income from the kiosk is very small, but it is helping my family to fulfill our daily needs; also, my brother sometimes supports our daily needs. My family's religious background is Christian. My parents are from Manado.

Describe the environment where you grew up: I live in the city with a community that is not too good, because there are a lot of young people who love to get drunk, gamble and fight. Because of that I felt safe when I was in home, so sometimes I stayed at home. When I was in school I had a lot of friends and joined the student organization. There was a time when some people came to our home to do a protest because of the trouble that my brother brought. He was involved in using drugs at that time. But praise the Lord, the trouble is gone and my brother changed.

What are some of your favorite activities? My favorite activities are playing guitar and singing. I love to make jokes with my friends.

How are you currently serving in your local church or community? Since last year, I'm one of the worship leaders in my church, especially for Sunday services. Besides that I also play guitar during Sunday services and for youth fellowship. Since last year, I'm the secretary of the youth and teenage group. I also mentor youth.

Tell us some of your strengths or special achievements: My strength is in music; I can play guitar and sing. My special achievements are I won singing competitions when I was in junior high school and when I was in vocational school.

How do you hope to use your future career and leadership skills to be a servant leader and help your community, church and country? My dream is to become a businesswoman who can build a music school to help other children who, just like me, have felt what it is like to live in poverty. I will be a leader in my community.

Tell us about your goals for next year.

Spiritual: My goal is to remain active in serving God and be more diligent in praying.

Physical: I will keep doing sports to have a more healthy body.

Academic: I want to have the highest score at college. My goal is to reach 4.0 grade point average.

Social/Emotional: My goal is to control my emotion and become more patient.

Servant Leadership: I want to become a leader who is faithful in serving God and wise, so I can influence other people.

Do you have a prayer request? Please pray for God's mercy on my brother, so he changes his habit in drinking and becomes dependent on God. Please pray for my parents to have good health, especially my father, who getting older. Please pray for my studies so I can reach my goal.

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