Eniette Mariana Rueda Hernandez

Eniette Mariana Rueda Hernandez

Eniette Mariana Rueda Hernández

  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: July 03, 1995
  • Denomination: United Pentecostal Evangelistic Mission in Nicaragua
  • Discipline: Social Work
  • University: National Autonomous University of Nicaragua
  • Location: Nicaragua
  • Gender: Female
  • Completion Date: December 31, 2018
  • Student ID: NI9800015

Languages spoken, read and written: Spanish

Explain why you chose your course of study: I chose this career because it is a profession that allows me to know, understand, analyze and explain the different realities going on in our country. As a social worker, after performing analysis and research, I could provide a possible solution. I also chose this career because I think that I am a very humble and generous person and I like to work in my community, especially where there is extreme poverty. I helped as a volunteer in my first social project developed during my first year at college. It gave me great satisfaction to help people who do not have food in their houses.

How did you come to accept Christ as your personal Savior? I accepted Jesus in my church when I was 10 years old. Through my Compassion project I have realized that without God we are nothing. Two years ago I was baptized. I thank God, because I know that God has done great things in my life from the time I accepted Him.

Who has had the most influence on your life and why? The most influence on me has been my parents, because they have always helped me in different circumstances. Since I started attending the project, my director, teacher, my pastor and friends have encouraged me to go ahead and keep on God´s ways.

How has God used Compassion to form who you are today? God has used Compassion to bless my life from the time I was registered in my project, when I was 7 years old. God has used Compassion to teach me to follow Jesus and to keep me in His ways. I thank God that He has led me to be where I am and to serve Him in my church, community and country.

What was your family life like? I was born and grew up in Leon. I live in a very small and humble house which is made partly of bricks and zinc. I live with my parents. My dad is Juan Antonio Rueda Sánchez, who is 37 years old, and my mom is Paula del Carmen Hernández Ortiz, who is 35 years old. I have a sister called Marcela Paola Rueda Hernandez, who is 12 years old. My dad was baptized in our church but he has stopped attending the church. My mom and my sister are not Christians, but they occasionally visit the church. My dad works repairing irons, fans and blenders, which is not a full-time job. My mom works as a supervisor of a company and she receives a low salary every two weeks.

Describe the environment where you grew up: My community has been good over the last 18 years, because many government projects have been made to improve it. But there are some families in need of food.

What are some of your favorite activities? My favorite activities are singing, going out to walk, playing, eating, traveling and getting to know other places, and hanging out with my friends and family. I like working with children and making choreographies.

How are you currently serving in your local church or community? I am serving as treasurer of the youth of my project. I am part of a choreography group and I am a Sunday school teacher. In my community, I have shared the Word of God and I have provided food for some needy families.

Tell us some of your strengths or special achievements: I am a very positive person. When I have made mistakes, I have had to get up and learn from my mistakes. God is my greatest strength, because I depend on Him and He knows what I need. My special achievements are graduating from my high school, passing my entrance exam into the university, and serving God in my church.

How do you hope to use your future career and leadership skills to be a servant leader and help your community, church and country? I hope to bless my community, church and country in extending the kingdom of God, as a good leader should be prepared for serving others.

Tell us about your goals for next year.
Spiritual: keeping a servant spirit, seeking more of God, and being a good servant leader.
Physical: having a good diet, eating fruits and vegetables, doing my medical checkups regularly.
Academic: getting very good grades in my classes.
Social/Emotional: being more friendly, humble and funny.
Servant Leadership: reaching my outcomes in LDP this year.

Do you have a prayer request? Pray for my family, that God touches their lives, and for my life.

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