Leaders encourage, set the example, have innovative ideas, and are passionate about making a difference. Every day, leaders are identified among the many students in Compassion's Child Development Sponsorship Program, and are encouraged to use their God-given talents to make a difference in their communities through Leadership Development Program. Students in the Leadership Development Program are grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape poverty. Meet future leaders who are committed to using their God-given talents to help others.

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Each student has grown up in poverty, excelled in school, and is eager to serve the Lord as a leader in his or her country.

Your sponsorship can help one of these remarkable students attend college and receiving outstanding Christian leadership training.

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Hear from a graduate, Satish

Find out how the Leadership Development Program and Satish's sponsors changed his life forever.

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How your sponsorship works

Your sponsorship will help a student receive:

1 a first-rate college education — including tuition and textbooks, as well as housing and living expenses as needed

2 a rigorous, Christ-centered curriculum with 24 leadership topics

3 hands-on experience in volunteer service activities and evangelism

4 one-to-one mentoring and discipleship

Graduate Roseleah shares her
life-changing story

With her leadership training from Compassion, Roseleah is making a difference in her community.

Testimonials of Students in the Program

Meet graduate
Juan David

Watch Juan David's journey as he transitions from a child in poverty to a doctor who gives back to his local community.

"In my heart, I had the conviction, I had the desire to go back and serve my community."

Margaret Makhoha

Meet graduate
Margaret Makhoha

Margaret Makhoha overcame insurmountable obstacles to become Uganda's first woman elected to its Congress.

Leadership Development Program
by the Numbers


What is the Leadership Development Program (LDP)?

The LDP exists to develop Christian leaders, enabling young men and women to bring change to their families, communities and nations. Young people selected for the LDP have distinguished themselves in the Child Sponsorship Program through service, academic excellence and leadership. They have committed their lives to Christ and to serving Him. The LDP offers these students the opportunity to refine their gifts through a university education and targeted Christian leadership training.

How do students qualify for the LDP?

Students who qualify for the LDP have demonstrated academic and extracurricular excellence and have successfully met the selection criteria established by the LDP Advisory Committee in their country of origin.

The committee interviews, selects and awards the scholarships, which are often governed by the number of eligible students and, too often, by the lack of adequate funding.

The committee, staffed by local Christian leaders, brings local accountability, understanding and contextualization to key decisions and strategies within the program.

What is the role of an LDP sponsor?

LDP sponsors are individuals who support a student for the duration of the LDP experience. Sponsors are long-distance mentors offering advice and sharing experiences to encourage their students. Sponsors have a unique influence on students’ lives.

What benefits does an LDP student receive?

LDP sponsorship helps provide tuition, books, room, board and transportation when necessary. Students also receive Christian leadership training and additional school-related expenses.

Where is the LDP presently operating?

Currently, the LDP is operating in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Thailand and Uganda.

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How much does it cost to sponsor an LDP student?

LDP sponsorship costs $300 a month or $3,600 a year. LDP sponsorship helps provide tuition, books, room, board and transportation when necessary. LDP students also receive Christian leadership training and additional school related expenses.

Can LDP sponsors send gifts to their students?

Yes. You can send monetary gifts to your LDP student, by calling 877-231-2941, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., MT. We ask that sponsors limit personal gifts to $500 per year and $2,000 as a graduation gift. Unfortunately we cannot accept non-monetary gifts at this time.

How long does LDP sponsorship last?

Typically, three to seven years, with an average of 5 years. that's how long it takes most students to earn a degree. In some cases, Compassion extends the program to accommodate the degree requirements, such as for a medical or law degree. Our hope is that you can see your student through the complete program but we understand that individual circumstances may change.

Can sponsors visit LDP students?

Absolutely! You can take a group trip organized by Compassion or schedule your own visit. Spend time with your student, visit the camps and experience what university life is like for him or her. Your student will be especially honored if you can attend his or her LDP Completion Celebration.

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Compassion International's Financial Summary
FY 2014

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