If you're writing a Christmas card to your child in Indonesia, here are some things to remember:

  • Christmas is a very special day for Christians. There are no special differences in celebrating Christmas in Indonesia; western countries influence the Christmas celebration.
  • People place colored lights on the outside and inside of their houses and shopping centers. On Christmas Eve night, people go to church for a worship service. Children visit people's houses to sing Christmas carols for them. On Christmas morning, people attend church for worship. Usually there is a Christmas play about the birth of Jesus. The costumes they wear are traditional Indonesian clothing.
  • Then families and friends gather together to share meals and sometimes to exchange gifts of food, clothes, etc. There are no unique foods, children's games or other activities during the Christmas season. 
  • Each Compassion child development center has a Christmas celebration. Parents and family members are invited to the event. The service also includes the singing of Christmas carols. Many carols have been translated from English to the Indonesia language. Christian families sometimes bring a small pine or plastic tree into their homes and decorate it with lights and pretty things.

If you're writing a birthday card to your child, here are some things to remember:

  • Not all Indonesian children have a birthday party — usually they celebrate only with family or some close friends. Some projects do hold a birthday party for several children who have their birthdays on the same month, because the parents are unable to afford a birthday party. In Indonesia girls do celebrate their 17th birthday because they are considered an adult at that age. The birth date is considered an important date.

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Child Gifts

Below are some examples of what a monetary gift can purchase for your child in Indonesia:

$15 and under: bicycle (used), chicken

Give your child a gift.

Family Gifts

Below are some examples of what a monetary gift can purchase for your child's family in Indonesia:

$75 and under: bicycle (new)

Income-generating ideas within the family gift limit of $300 are:

  • Establishing a small kiosk to sell daily needs, snacks or clothes 
  • Sewing machine
  • Goat or sheep 
  • Cow

Give a family gift.

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