Ways to Sponsor a Child

Ways to Sponsor a Child

Just $38 per month connects you with a child in a loving relationship that will change his or her life -- and yours!

  • Exchange letters, photos, prayers.
  • Become a friend.
  • Provide opportunities for education, health and personal development.
  • Most important, your child will learn about Jesus in a church-based program in his or her neighborhood.

Compassion offers numerous ways for you to sponsor a child in need.

Browse photographs of children waiting for sponsors. Each of the hundreds of children listed here are waiting for a sponsor. Browse through their photographs and read the biographies about each child's life.

Search for a child to sponsor with certain characteristics. When sponsoring a child you can search by gender, region, country, age, birthday, longest waiting and whether the child has special needs or is an orphan. The photographs and biographies of children who have those characteristics will be displayed.

Allow us to choose the child for you. Submit a request for us to choose either the child who has been waiting the longest or a child with certain characteristics.

When you sponsor a child in this manner, you will not see your child's information displayed on our Web site. Instead, the child's information will be mailed to you. You'll receive your child's photo, personal story and a complete child sponsorship packet by mail in approximately 15 days.

You can also call us, send us a letter or e-mail Compassion to discuss sponsoring a child in need.

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(800) 336-7676, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT.

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