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Praveen Babu  

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  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: March 9, 1997
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: India
  • Center: Kottayam Y.T.C. (Youth Transit Center)
  • Child ID: IN7490724
    • Waiting: 256 days for a sponsor. Urgent need for a sponsor.
    • Child lives in an area with higher risk of exploitation and abuse.
Praveen lives with his father and his mother. He is responsible for carrying water, gathering firewood and buying or selling in the market. His father is sometimes employed as a laborer and his mother is sometimes employed as a laborer. There are 2 children in the family.

As part of Compassion's ministry, Praveen participates in church activities and Bible class. He is also in high school where his performance is average. Singing, walking and playing ball games are his favorite activities.

Because of your sponsorship, Praveen will have new opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you for your concern and prayers.
Praveen lives in the hillside community of Puthupally, home to approximately 55,000 residents. Typical houses are constructed of cement floors, brick walls and tile roofs. The primary ethnic groups are Dalit Christians and Dravidans and the most commonly spoken language is Malayalam.

The regional diet consists of rice, beef, potatoes, beans, bananas, chicken and fish. Common health problems in this area include fevers, colds, measles, chicken pox, jaundice, skin diseases and diarrhea. Most adults work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of $57 per month. This community has water, electricity and medical centers but needs employment opportunities.

Your sponsorship allows the staff of Kottayam Youth Transit Center to provide Praveen with Bible studies, health checkups, health education, sports, tuition, vocational training, career guidance and counseling. The center staff will also provide income-generating programs, vocational training and health education for the parents or guardians of Praveen.
India, the world's largest democracy, has a tropical climate in the south and a more temperate climate in the north. The cool season is from November to March; the dry, hot season is from March to June; and the weather is hot and rainy the rest of the year.

In southern India, languages spoken are Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. In this region Christianity dates back to the first century when St. Thomas the apostle landed in Kerala and established a church there. He was eventually martyred in Chennai, where Compassion's southern office is located.

India is home to one of the world's oldest urban civilizations, dating to about 3500 B.C. This civilization declined around 1500 B.C., and soon after came the Aryan invasion and the gradual establishment of Aryan rule. In 1192, Arabs invaded, bringing with them the Islamic faith. British influence came with trading companies in the 1600s. British rule over India was established in 1757 and lasted until 1947, when a peaceful independence movement, made famous by Mohandas Gandhi, achieved its goal. The country now has a federal republic, and Pratibha Patil was elected the first female president of India in 2007.

India's diverse economy encompasses traditional village farming, modern agriculture, handicrafts, a wide range of modern industries, and a multitude of services. The country has capitalized on its large numbers of well-educated people skilled in the English language to become a major exporter of software services and workers.

Map of India

Child's Location: South of Cochin

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